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Welcome to the Burmese cattery


Owner Demchenko Natalia.

   Our nursery is engaged in breeding Burmese cats, European type.

    Love for Burmese cats originated from the first glance. Character traits possessed by the Burmese cat, superior to those that have all the existing breeds of cats. The color of their fur is bright, such as copper, the color of their eyes glows like the midday sun. Because of these cats all the dangerous and evil in this world will disappear forever ... Burma is one of the charismatic species, known for its golden character and unique due to its gene Burmese color. Wool is also inherent characteristic of Burma, Burmese, shine, the darker the cat, the more pronounced this gloss, with every movement of body hair cats shimmers, sparkles, it's an eyeful, but if it comes a ray of sunshine ... a memorable play of colors.

    So who are these Burmese cats?.. To understand it, Burma is necessary to take on his hands, to touch her silky hair, look into her golden eyes and fall in love with her once and for all!

   We are pleased to offer the kittens of this breed. Help you choose baby meets your requirements, advise on content and maintenance. Burmese kittens waiting for new owners!


В питомние есть бурманские котята

  In the nursery there are kittens brown (sable), blue and purple colors.

  At the International Exhibition on 30-31 August 2014. in Poltava KLK "Sofi", our cat MIAMBER OTIS REDDING the first day was - Best opposite sex, on the second day - BEST of BEST - 3, closed the title Inter Champion in WCF !!!

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"In the house where a cat and other decorations are not necessary." (Wesley Bays). "There are two ways to forget about the miseries of life: music and cats." (no author). "Life plus a cat - a wonderful combination ... " (Rainer Maria Rilke). "relationship between a cat and a man much closer than they may be between two cats." (Professor Paul Leyhauzen). "Even a small of the cat - perfection. "(Leonardo da Vinci) " If you have a cat, do not you go back into the house and home. "(Pam Brown)

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